Chatty Life Update

Recently, I haven’t been posting very much on my blog which I’m not happy with but so much has been happening that I’ve really been struggling to find the time so I thought I’d share this post to show what I have been up to and how I’m feeling.

Firstly, I thought that I would give a University update. I have now firmed my first choice at the University of Gloucestershire to study Advertising, Branding and Marketing and my offer is unconditional so come September, I will officially be a student there which is really exciting! I have got my applicant day coming up very soon which will hopefully provide me with more information. I’m currently so confused about all of the student finance options, even though I’ve tried to research in to them but I’m hoping that my sixth form will also try and help us more with this soon! I have also now applied for my accommodation. Originally, I was planning on applying for it on-campus but after looking through the different options, I have gone for one that is based in the town and has a walk to the uni as it looked A LOT nicer and would be the perfect location if I got a job in the town.

As I am planning on moving from Cardiff to Gloucester, I spent a few days there at the beginning of this week to get more of a feel for the town and what is around. I was surprised at how much it actually had from the wide range of shops and restaurants to the gorgeous parks which would be great in the sunnier months. The thought of uni still really scares me, especially now that it is only 6 months away but at the same time, I’m really excited. I’d like to think that I am quite an independent person so think that I will manage alright with cooking for myself/cleaning/washing but will definitely miss my friends and family at home a lot.

Since Christmas, school has been hectic. The workload is crazy (which I guess has to be expected in your final year of school) and I’ve also been trying to balance it alongside my part time job which has turned out to be difficult and has meant that my blog has suffered. The Welsh Bacc deadline is fast approaching and luckily, I have now sent mine off so I will never have to look at it again. Alongside getting the 5,000 word Welsh Bacc essay, I have also had media coursework, IT coursework and my photography exam paper has been started. As I have had such a big workload, I seem to be getting less and less motivated which I hate because I really want to do well this year. I’ve also become quite unwell over the last week with a head cold but as I don’t give myself a break and wont call in sick to work, I’m not really helping myself but I really want to make the most of the good weather!

Since my 18th birthday in January, I have also been going out clubbing with my friends quite often. I really enjoy nights out with my friends as we always have such a good laugh and I want to make the most of going out before exam season begins and we are all at home revising everyday:(

Although everything is quite stressful at the moment, I can’t wait for summer as I have so many exciting things going on! Firstly, I’ve got my girls holiday in June, then prom when we get back and then a few days after that, I’ve got my family holiday to America and finally, at the end of August, me and my sister have booked to go to Amsterdam for 4 days just before I go to uni. So I’m using all of these events as motivation to get me through the next few school-heavy months. Its so weird to think that in a few months time I will be leaving the school that I have been at for the last 7 years…

I’m really hoping that March will bring me a lot more motivation school-wise and blog-wise as I really do love blogging but find it really hard having enough time to do a really good quality post with photography that I’m pleased with so please bear with me for the time being.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this chatty update about my life at the moment! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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