What I got up to in London

Me and one of my closest friends recently took a trip to London for 2 days (the 16th-17th of April, 2019) and had a really good time. I wanted to do a chatty post about what we got up to whilst we were there and share a few photos from the trip!

We started our trip on the 16th of April which was a Tuesday, we had booked a Mega Bus for 9:20 am which was quite a struggle to get ready in time for but we made it. We tried to get our transport as cheap as possible which we definitely achieved as we managed to get a return for £10 each, however, we did have to suffer with a 4 hour journey each way.

We arrived in London, Victoria at around 1:30 pm, there was loads of traffic as we got there which meant that we were slightly delayed. From the bus station, we went to the underground station for Victoria and found some food (at this point we were very hungry so just wanted something fast so went for a Subway). From there, we went to our hotel which was a 5 minute walk from Bond Street Station which was amazing as we were so close to everything! We then spent a good few hours in the hotel getting ready to see Shawn Mendes at the O2 that evening. If you know me, then you’ll know I have loved Shawn and his music for quite some time and we had booked these tickets over a year ago so were very excited! We headed to the O2 at around 5 pm and got there for 5:30 pm (it was a bad idea to get the tube at rush hour but our timings were still pretty good). As we got there the queues for merchandise were so long but I was desperate to get some so we waited for around 30 minutes. I ended up buying the tour t-shirt with the flower on and the pink, Lost In Japan hoodie. Although it was expensive, it was so worth it as I’ve wanted it for so long.

We then headed in to the O2 where my friend had got us tickets to the backstage Sky Blue Room. Here, they were painting nails, doing face/hair glitter, doing VR experiences and taking photos of you for free, it was amazing and meant we had time to grab some food and drinks before heading in to the show. If you can, definitely get tickets to go in here as it made the whole process so much more chilled and easy as they do your security checks and everything so you can go straight in from there!

Our seats in the O2 were incredible. Shawn has 2 stages, the main stage and a smaller stage in the middle which has a massive lit up flower connected to it. We were right in line with the smaller stage which meant that we had an amazing view when he was on there and could see really well when he was on the main stage also. His performance was insane (which I had expected), I loved everything about the whole night and cried and sang my heart out! Alessia Cara was his support act, she was also amazing and I loved her music.

After the concert, we headed back to the hotel as we were shattered and the next day we decided to just take it slow and have a chilled out day. As we didn’t opt towards getting breakfast at our hotel, we went for brunch at a local pub which was lovely, then wandered Oxford street doing some window shopping (where we also witnessed the Climate Change protest which meant that the whole street had been closed), then headed towards Hyde Park on the Underground. We had a walk and then sat in Green Park for a few hours as the weather was stunning.

We then headed to Elan Cafe to do a photo shoot for my A Level photography. You may have seen this cafe on quite a few peoples Instagram’s as it is very pink and aesthetically pleasing. However, all of the pictures that I had seen made it look really big and have lots of different areas so I’m wondering if there is more than one of these cafes? The one that we went to was right by Hyde Park and it was lovely but very small and packed, I also ended up spending £7 on a latte which is crazy if you ask me.. but I guess that’s what you’ve got to pay for the aesthetics of the building and as it was in London. The staff were very friendly but it was definitely a one time thing if you ask me haha.

After this, we headed back to Victoria Station where we ate at Wetherspoons and then headed back towards to bus station to catch our Mega Bus home that evening.

Although it was very busy, I had an amazing time and seeing Shawn is something that I wont forget! Thanks Charl for an incredible 2 days (if you’re reading this).

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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