How I’m Preparing For University

As I am now getting close to finishing my A Levels, University is right around the corner which is scary but also very exciting. I thought that I would do this post to give some last minute advice about A Levels and show what I have already started doing to prepare myself ready to go to University.

Last week, I completed my photography A Level examination. This consisted of 3 days (equalling 15 hours) of editing my final images to be displayed and getting all my of coursework finalised that I have been working on since late February. The exam was very long and tiring and by the end of it I felt so unmotivated / uninspired but managed to pull through and get all 4 of my final pieces complete. This was my first exam of this year and luckily now, I’ve got a break until June 5th when I will sit my Media Studies exam. Last year I had 2 exams which were for ICT and Media and then this year I have 2 exams in Photography and Media and then a heck load of coursework which goes alongside it all. I am very grateful for the fact that I do not have many examinations this year but coursework has meant constant stress all year round which wasn’t fun but I’m now so relived that it is almost all complete now!

I am also very lucky that I have received and unconditional offer from my first choice University, however, to me, this doesn’t take any of the pressure off and makes me want to work just as hard because ideally, I really want to get a scholarship to help me out with my bills and living costs and also know that these grades will stick with me for life so I still want to be proud of what I achieve.

As for revision, this year, I decided to not start revising for my Media Studies exam until after my Photography exam was finished. I made this decision based on the fact that last year, I started too early which made me run out of things to revise and being stuck on what to do as it got closer to the exam. Although I have only left myself with over 3 weeks (which may not seem like enough to some), I know that I will put the work in on a daily basis to be confident going in to the exam.

For University, I recently joined a Facebook group with people all going to the same uni as me. I also then found a chat for my accommodation and even managed to find someone that I will be in the same cluster of flats with. Some people may not want to know before going, but for me, I feel a lot more confident now that I know at least one person to expect to see when I move in in September which makes me feel a lot more at ease. This is definitely something I recommend doing if you can, however, you may not be allocated a certain flat until results day if you have a conditional offer but every uni is different!

Another thing that I have been doing to prepare for uni is buying essentials. My mum has been very helpful and generous with buying me bits and bobs ready to go and I also had a big box filled with essentials for my birthday. The types of things include: cutlery, plates, cups, mugs, tea towels, bed sheets, washing up sponges, tools for cooking (like wooden spoons etc) and a few other bits. We have also started stocking up on some canned foods like beans and other food like ketchup and tea bags (all the essentials of course). It might seem quite early to be getting these things but they last a long time and if we bought everything closer to the time then it would cost a lot, all at once rather than spreading it out. Don’t let this make you feel really unprepared though if you haven’t done this, I just like to be very organised in advance haha.

Sorry that I have been quite distant from my blog over the past few months, I have been writing a few posts and just not liking them enough to post them unfortunately and have been stressed with A Levels as many other bloggers in my position also have. However, I did change my blogs overall theme and I’m so pleased with how it looks so this has motivated me to put more time in to my upcoming content!

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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