Life As A Uni Fresher

This post was written within the first few weeks of University and I have been so busy that I haven’t gotten around to posting it. I haven’t changed it since writing it but will be leaving it how it originally was so that you can have an authentic review of what my first few weeks were really like.

I am now officially a university student, I moved on the 14th of September so have now been living here for just over 3 weeks… yet it feels like so much longer.

On the day I arrived, everything was quite stressful. I had brought lots of stuff and my flat coincidentally ended up being on the top floor and the lift had broken the night before so getting it up all of the flights of stairs was interesting to say the least! My family were a massive help with getting me moved in and hanging up all of my clothes etc. I honestly don’t think that I would have managed without them! It was very hard to say goodbye to my parents, it feels so weird not living with them anymore and not seeing them everyday but after only being here just over a few weeks, I already feel as though I have matured so much more as a person.

On the first day, I made a lot of effort with getting to know people and making sure to stay out of my room as much as possible. I now get on really well with pretty much all of my flat mates, we don’t do many things as a flat but we always tend to see each other on nights out which is nice. Before coming, I always had the expectation that flats would become super close and do everything together but have come to realise that this isn’t true which is so normal and fine, there are so many other people to become good friends with.

My induction week was full of ice breaker activities which didn’t really relate to the course but it did allow for the people on the course to get to know each other which was good. We also did a ‘treasure hunt’ around the town which made us get used to our surroundings and even ended up going for drinks with our lectures after! The freshers fair was also during the induction week, I only joined one society which was the Marketing Society as this relates to my course. Also at the fair, there was a Dominoes stand where you won a voucher every time.. me and my friends all put our vouchers together and had a big feast one night which was amazing.

I have had many lectures now and have been enjoying most of them. In my favourite seminar so far, we started learning about the basics of Adobe Illustrator and will soon be going on to Photoshop and other similar programmes, I like to think that I’ve already got a basic knowledge on this from my Photography and IT A Levels but am interested in to learning more and applying it to better things… maybe even things for this blog.

Nights out have been a big part of freshers and let’s just say, I’m definitely feeling the consequences of it. I bought a wristband before coming to uni which allowed me in to the main 3 events and lots of other ones throughout the 2 weeks of freshers. My favourite event so far has got to be the T-Shirt tour, it started off like a pub/club crawl and then ended in the best club in Cheltenham. However, although the nights out can be so much fun, sometimes you do just need to give yourself a break to just come to terms with the big changes that are happening around you and you also don’t want to be so hungover that you miss out on your inductions or lectures!

Overall, so far, I’m having a great time, I really do miss home a lot and seeing my friends and family on a daily basis but I assume that most people also feel that way. I have told myself that I have to at least wait a month before coming home as I know that I need to make a separation between uni life and home life and need to settle here. If you are also a fresher then I hope all is going well for you and that you aren’t feeling too rough from the freshers flu haha! Below I will leave a few pictures from the first few weeks.

Thank you for reading. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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