Decluttering My Makeup ♡

Over time it is completely normal to go off products or even just buy something which turns out to be a disappointment so you hoard it in your draw for a few months. As my makeup draws had started to become very over-crowded and messy, I decided it was time to throw out the products I don’t like and those which are nearly all gone.  Continue reading “Decluttering My Makeup ♡”


Rimmel Match Perfection Review ♡

After recently running out of my all time favourite everyday foundation (the Loreal Infallible Matte £7.99) I decided it was time for a change. Instead I decided to pick up the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the shade 103 true ivory (£7.99), I swatched it in the shop to make sure it was the right colour for me and to make sure it blended well. From my swatch I was very impressed and couldn’t wait to try it the next morning. I also feel that it is necessary to add that I was impressed at the counter as Rimmel had many variations of shades to fit everyone’s needs.

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Autumn Makeup Look & Outfit ♡

As I was going out today with one of my best friends I decided to take pictures of my makeup look and outfit I wore to share with you. I can already tell that I will wear this makeup look a lot throughout the Autumnal months as I love the darkness of the eyes and the simplicity of my base and lips.  Continue reading “Autumn Makeup Look & Outfit ♡”

My Autumn Lip Picks ♡

As the temperature is dropping and the leaves are starting to fall, I thought it was the perfect time to switch up my most used makeup products to fit the season. Lip products are an essential to my day to day makeup as I feel they really finish off the look. I have decided to show you a few of my favourite lip products for this season.

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