General Life Chat

Recently, I have loved seeing other bloggers post about their life and things that they have gotten up to so decided to give this post a try as I have never done anything like this before.  Continue reading “General Life Chat”


Exam Revision Tips ♡

As exams are fast approaching I have been getting well in to my revision for my upcoming GCSE exams which start next month. I know that revision can be hard and feel worthless but it is definitely worth it in the end (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway)! I have decided to share some of my revision tips to try and help those of you who may also be going through the revision process.  Continue reading “Exam Revision Tips ♡”

100 Blog Post Ideas (Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion etc) ♡

Being a blogger myself, I completely understand that feeling of not having any idea of what to write about. Recently, I decided to put a list together of some future blog posts that I might be doing and decided to share them to help other bloggers out.  Continue reading “100 Blog Post Ideas (Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion etc) ♡”

My Autumn Every Day School Makeup ♡

Getting ready in the morning can be such a bore but I always look forward to applying my makeup for the day ahead of me. I personally feel much more confident going to school with makeup on, I like to hide my tiredness and red skin. Of course makeup isn’t needed for school as at the end of the day you are there to learn so I generally like to keep mine quite simple.  Continue reading “My Autumn Every Day School Makeup ♡”

Back To School Haul ♡

As the weather is getting cooler and the summer holidays are coming to an end I decided it was finally time to go out and buy everything I need for school this year. I didn’t want to spend a large amount of money since most things either end up getting lost or broken so the main shops I bought from consisted of The Works, Poundland, WHSmith and The Range. (Incase anyone is wondering I’m going in to Year 11). Continue reading “Back To School Haul ♡”