Florida 2017 Photo/Travel Diary

As you may be aware (if you follow me on Instagram), I have just returned from my family holiday to Florida. Florida is definitely one of my favourite places to visit as you create so many memories every time and its such a happy place. I was lucky enough to be able to visit all of the Disney parks in Florida and it was amazing to be able to experience them all over again. I love seeing travel and photography posts so have decided to  share with you what I got up to and show you some of the many photos that I took on this trip.

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100 Blog Post Ideas (Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion etc) ♡

Being a blogger myself, I completely understand that feeling of not having any idea of what to write about. Recently, I decided to put a list together of some future blog posts that I might be doing and decided to share them to help other bloggers out.  Continue reading “100 Blog Post Ideas (Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion etc) ♡”

London Trip – 2017 ♡

As I turned 16 last Thursday (the 19th of January), me and my family decided to take a trip to London to celebrate. Whilst in London we went to see The School Of Rock, did some sight seeing and shopped! I took many photos on this trip and decided to put a few of my favourites in to a post to share with you.

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My 2016 Favourites ♡

I can’t believe that 2016 is nearly over, this year went incredibly fast. So many great things have happened this year and I’m very grateful for all of the amazing memories. The highlights of this year have been; meeting the Dolan Twins, travelling to Italy, making new friends and becoming closer to other friends (you know who you are;)).

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Italy Haul ♡

If you have seen the post before my last then you will know that I have recently been on Holiday to Italy, it was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course when going to another country you have to visit all of the shops they have that you don’t or even the same ones but seeking new things! As hauls are one of my favourite posts to read I have decided to write my own. In no particular order here is what I purchased… Continue reading “Italy Haul ♡”

Italy Travel Diary ♡

Italy, a magnificent place filled with astonishing architecture and stunning scenery. If you follow my Instagram then you will already know that I have been on holiday in Italy for 2 weeks and I have decided to put together some of my favourite pictures from my favourite places in to this blog post (pre-warning there are many pictures).

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