5 Ways To Be More Positive ♡

Everyone can have their down days but there are always ways of cheering ourselves up and distracting ourselves from our problems. All of the points mentioned in this post have helped me through tough times and keep me staying positive. You may have heard some of these before but I find these work for me. Continue reading “5 Ways To Be More Positive ♡”


Back To School Haul ♡

As the weather is getting cooler and the summer holidays are coming to an end I decided it was finally time to go out and buy everything I need for school this year. I didn’t want to spend a large amount of money since most things either end up getting lost or broken so the main shops I bought from consisted of The Works, Poundland, WHSmith and The Range. (Incase anyone is wondering I’m going in to Year 11). Continue reading “Back To School Haul ♡”

NYX eye shadows review, swatches and look ♡

As most of you will have seen in my last post (my Italy haul), I picked up 4 new eye shadows from the NYX shop in Milan. The shades I got are ‘Bonfire’, ‘Heat’, ‘Illusion’ and ‘Gold Lust’. I think I picked up each individual shadow for 2.90 euros. As requested from my last blog post I decided to review the eye shadows, swatch them and create a look using them. Continue reading “NYX eye shadows review, swatches and look ♡”

Italy Haul ♡

If you have seen the post before my last then you will know that I have recently been on Holiday to Italy, it was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. Of course when going to another country you have to visit all of the shops they have that you don’t or even the same ones but seeking new things! As hauls are one of my favourite posts to read I have decided to write my own. In no particular order here is what I purchased… Continue reading “Italy Haul ♡”

Italy Travel Diary ♡

Italy, a magnificent place filled with astonishing architecture and stunning scenery. If you follow my Instagram then you will already know that I have been on holiday in Italy for 2 weeks and I have decided to put together some of my favourite pictures from my favourite places in to this blog post (pre-warning there are many pictures).

Continue reading “Italy Travel Diary ♡”


After having an old blog shared with my friend I decided to branch out and start one of my own so that I could be more active and change things up a little bit. In case you weren’t aware my old blog was sophandbethbeauty.blogspot.com, I loved taking part in this blog but decided it was time to make my own.

I’m a massive lover of all things beauty related, I love traveling and also love photography. You will be seeing all of these different aspects of me through this blog and I hope that you enjoy all of them.
I started off on Instagram over 2 years ago writing about things that I love and when the opportunity to blog came up I couldn’t not take it, I see it as a way of expressing my opinions in more than just a small comment following a picture.
My Instagram currently has a light theme and I like to post some of my photography on there but still continue posting about makeup also. If you are interested in following my Instagram it is @bethxkate.

Sorry for this post being quite short, I felt that as a first post I just needed a small introduction to get started. I’m looking forward to posting soon!!

Thank you for reading! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @bethxkate and I will be starting up a beauty Twitter very soon.