Christmas Day 2018 Makeup Look – Cruelty Free

I always like to pre-plan my hair, makeup and outfit ready for Christmas day as I always seem to be so busy and in a rush to get ready before all of the family come over at lunch time! I love reading posts like these so thought I’d share my own version. This makeup may change on the actual day but it is what I am planning on wearing! It definitely isn’t a look that I would wear everyday as you have to go slightly extra for Christmas:) 

Firstly, to prime my face, I will most likely use the Revolution Pro-Base spray. I love this and use it on an everyday basis after moisturising in the morning. It is very lightweight which I love as some primers can feel very sticky and heavy which you don’t want early in the morning! You simply use a few sprays and then you’re ready to apply your foundation. 

As for foundation, a current favourite combo of mine recently have been the Ordinary High Coverage foundation and the LA Girl PROCoverage foundation. When buying these on BeautyBay, unfortunately they came and were both the complete  wrong shades for me, the Ordinary being too light and LA Girl being too dark, so instead of wasting them, I tried mixing them together and once blended, I love how it looks. It gives a really glowy/dewy, full coverage look, however, as they are both build-able, it doesn’t need to be full coverage. I’m hoping that in the future, I will be able to get the correct shades in these but for now, I’m pleased with the result of them together. 

As for concealer, I will definitely be using my classics. These being the Revolution Conceal and Define in C4 and the Collection Lasting Perfection in fair 1. I use the Collection one under my eyes as this is where I need the most brightness and the Revolution one over spots and around my nose area. These concealers have never failed to impress me and I can see myself using them for such a long time. 

For powder, I have reasonably recently picked up the Collection Primed and Ready setting powder as for ages I used one from Rimmel (who aren’t cruelty free unfortunately). I love this powder as it sets everything so well and doesn’t make you have loads of flashback! 

For bronzer, I am obsessed with the Revolution Ultra Bronze and have been using it to death over the last few months yet it is still completely full. This bronzer is really build-able and I love that it doesn’t go patchy or cakey throughout the day. Its a gorgeous shade for my skin tone and one of my favourite bronzers that I have ever owned.  

As for highlighter/glow, PIXI recently sent me the most gorgeous palette in GildedBare Glow, it contains an array of white, pink and bronze highlights which can also be used as blush or to blend it all together which I’m obsessed with. It has an amazing concept and means you don’t have to spend time applying all individually. I tend to use the lighter end for my highlight and it gives a perfect glow which you can layer to become blinding. Thank you PIXI for sending me this to try out! 

For my eyes, I ALWAYS prime with the MUA Pro-Base that Ellie kindly gifted me last year, this is the best eye primer that I have ever used. Its super cheap and so much better than the high end ones that I have tried, this truly does keep your eye shadow in place for so much longer. 

Then, for eye shadow, I will mainly use the Soph X Revolution palette (the first one). I love this so much that I have already hit pan on a few of the shades. It has such a wide variety of shades which allows you to create many different looks which I love. However, this Christmas I will probably go for a classic brown and orange smoky eye and then to add a bit of sparkle, I will be using my PIXI Sweet Glow and mixing the shades Brilliante and Dulce as this creates a stunning, highly pigmented gold which goes perfect on the inner corners and makes it look like I’ve made a lot more effort! 

As for mascara, I have been loving the Too Faced Better Than Sex mini that Ellie kindly gifted me this year in our blogger swap! I can’t wait until my next pay day so that I can treat myself to the full sized version. Its got a great applicator which allows you to get to all of your lashes! 

For my lips, I will definitely be using the Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip in Zuma which Ellie also gifted me this year in our blogger swap (she did very well haha). Its a gorgeous, dark toned pink/brown, it applies really well and is super long lasting which I love. 

Finally, to finish everything off.. I set everything with the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray which sadly, I’m running out of but will definitely be getting another one when I can. Couldn’t recommend this product more, it makes so much of a difference and makes everything last so much longer. 

I’m so pleased that I have finally found loads of products that I love which are all cruelty free, I’m aware that a lot of the products are Revolution but they never let me down and they seem to always work well for me. I recommend all of the products mentioned so much as they work so well for me so hope they do for you aswell! 

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoyed. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can follow me at @bethxkate

Beth X

Christmas Gift Swap with Ellie

If you were following my blog a while ago, you may have seen that me and Ellie from TheDiaryofEllie did a blogger box swap where we each sent each other some of our favourite beauty items. This Christmas, we have decided to do it again, however, we upped the budget to around £25-£30 (which we both definitely didn’t stick too.. especially Ellie) and decided to not give it a theme so we could buy each other anything we wanted. 

In this post, you will be seeing all of the gifts that Ellie kindly gifted to me and on her blog she will be doing a post about what I got her! Click here to view Ellie’s version.. you won’t regret. 

When opening Ellie’s gift to me, she had numbered each of the gifts so that I knew what order to open them in. The first gift contained 3 gorgeous prints which are amazing quality and I can’t wait to frame them or use them within backgrounds of blog posts so keep an eye out for them. 

The next gift that I opened contained a little Winnie The Pooh trinket dish from Primark. This is so cute and I love little dishes like these to keep my jewellery and SD cards in. This would also make a really cute blog prop so look out for this in backgrounds aswell. 

The third gift that I opened contained a gorgeous, pink makeup bag with 3 cactus’ on it. Inside it also contained 3 little goodies. These being, a Colourpop lipstick, a mini better Than Sex mascara by Too Faced and a Revolution concealer that was the wrong shade for Ellie. I was so excited by the mascara and lipstick as I’ve wanted to try Colourpop for so long and have also seen so many amazing reviews about the mascara, if I like this then I will definitely be buying the full sized version! 

Ellie also kindly gifted me the Revolution Rose Gold mini palette, this looks absolutely gorgeous and I’m obsessed with Revolution. A full, in-depth review will be coming on this very soon so keep an eye out! 

The forth and final gift that I opened, was the biggest of them all and I actually can’t believe that Ellie actually got me this. She got me the Spectrum Mean Girls makeup bag and brush set!! I saw this on Twitter and was soooo desperate to get it for myself but couldn’t spend that much on myself so close to Christmas so I’m so grateful that Ellie got me this.. I almost cried when opening it haha! Spectrum are such a great company and I love my other brushes from them so I’m extremely excited to try these ones and how cute is the bag?? 

I’m so so thankful for all of the gifts that Ellie got me and still can’t believe the last one, I’m also so grateful for our friendship and can’t wait until the day we finally meetup! Thank you once again Ellie, I can’t wait to see what you thought of all of the gifts that I got you!

Thank you for reading, I hope that you enjoyed. If you would like to check Ellie’s version of this post, click here, I definitely recommend that you do and give her a follow. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate

Beth X 

Personalised Christmas Gift Guide 2018

At Christmas, I love giving gifts which are personal as I think it really shows a lot about your friendship or relationship to the person and is more meaningful. However, these types of gifts aren’t always cheap and can be hard to think of so I thought I’d share a few in this post. 

The first personal idea that I have, are prints which you can order online which display names, images or quotes about the person/people involved. There are some lovely family ones which display wellington boots or cartoon people which relate to the people involved. I also love the ones which display a family or friendship group made out of little pebbles as they are a lovely touch to a room and look very expensive. To pair with a print, you can buy a nice frame to display it in and then it is a perfect present which so many people would love to receive! 

My next personal gift idea is buying a small scrapbook and filling it with images, a lot of places (Amazon, Ebay, craft shops, local supermarkets) sell plain scrapbooks which allow you to write anything on the cover and fill it how you please. Photos can be very cheap and easy to print off by ordering them online or printing in places such as Asda or Boots. I think these are a great idea for family or friends and it is something that they can keep forever and if you don’t fill it completely, then this gives them room to be able to add in more memories and photos later on. 

Another personal gift idea is a photo book, this is very similar to the idea above but saves a lot of time as it can all be done through the internet and you do not need to stick all of the images in yourself or do the writing elements. Sometimes these can be quite expensive, depending on where you get them from. There is an amazing app called ‘Free Prints Photo Books’ where each month, you get a free photo book and all you have to do it pay the postage. i have used this app many times and have always been pleased with the results. 

Etsy is an amazing website if you are looking for personalised gifts, for my friends birthday, I was struggling on what to buy her so was always scrolling through Etsy looking for ideas, I know that she loves tea so managed to find a ‘tea box’ which you could personalise to say their name. It arrived and was really good quality and a fab gift, as a tea lover myself, I know that I would’ve loved to receive this. You can find this product here, however I think they have fully sold out now but know there are many similar ones on Etsy and you can also personalise them to not say ‘tea’ so could also be great for jewellery/coffee/makeup etc. 

Another amazing gift idea that I found on Etsy, was a personalised water bottle/flask. These come in so handy over the winter/colder months (or always in the UK) and they look so similar to the Chilly’s ones which are quite expensive, I know that I would love to receive this as I hate using water bottles all the time as they are bad for the environment. This would be perfect for both men and women and any age! 

Another gorgeous idea are these customised name bar bracelets on Etsy. These look so expensive for only being £8 and you can also find them many other places. You can’t really go wrong with jewellery at Christmas, especially something personalised like this! 

NotOnTheHighStreet also have some great personalised gifts, these are usually on the higher priced side which is why I tend to shop more on Etsy but whenever I have bought from them, the quality has been outstanding. This personalised wine/gin glass is a fab idea as who wouldn’t want their own wine/gin glass with their name on? They also do some gorgeous journals, diaries, Christmas decorations, prints, pens, pencils… the list is endless so definitely go and check out their site. 

I really hope that this post was useful! There will hopefully be more gift guides to come on my blog over the month of December so keep an eye out for them! 

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate

Beth X

What I Recommend on Netflix

At this time of year, who doesn’t love getting all cozy and watching Netflix? I have been watching so much recently as it is a nice break from school work and my job and means I can relax in the evenings so thought that in this post I would recommend some of my current favourites to you. 

The first thing on Netflix that I have been loving recently is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this has recently come out and my friends recommended it to me, so far, I am on episode 7 and am addicted. It has horror elements to it but I think it is an easy and enjoyable watch, I’m not usually one for horror but I really like this show. 

Another TV series that I am obsessed with is Dynasty, I have been watching this since it came on to Netflix a while ago and they are now releasing episodes of season 2, weekly. It revolves around a lot of drama, romance and family relationships and how they get mixed up when business is involved. This is my favourite show at the moment so I’d definitely give it a try. It also features Liz Gillies (who used to be in Victorious) and her fashion within the show is gorgeous. 

A film series that I have been working my way through is Twilight. I never watched this growing up like most people but have heard loads about it. Although it has some very cringe elements it is a really easy and enjoyable watch and if its to do with vampires then i usually love it (as you will see in my next point).  

One of my friends recommended the show The Originals to me, this is a spin off of The Vampire Diaries. I loved The Vampire Diaries and worked my way through it so quickly and am now 3 seasons in to The Originals, I love the way that they both link and include some of the same characters. Definitely recommend both of these shows if you like supernatural films or TV shows.  

Netflix have recently brought out the film The Princess Switch, I am yet to watch this but have heard very good things about it, I also haven’t seen Vanessa Hudgens in a film in a film for ages so I will definitely be watching this soon. It is classed as a Christmas film which makes it even better for this time of year! 

Another show that I have been watching for ages now is Jane The Virgin, the story line of this films is incredible it has so many twists and turns. I also like the fact that it is commentated (in some parts, not all) as many shows don’t do this but it really emphasises the scenes. You follow Jane throughout many of the things she experiences in her life.. the good, the bad and the very bad. 

A classic and very easy watch on Netflix has to be Gossip Girl, it is one of those shows that you can go back to at any point and still love it. I swear I’ve watched every season about 7 times each, its just so addictive so I’d 100% recommend. 

If you are more of a comedy lover, I’d recommend The Good Place. This show is so funny and addictive to watch, the episodes are quite short so its very easy to just keep watching! Kristen Bell is one of the main actors in it and her character is hilarious, the show has many twists and it very current so I’d 100% recommend. 

There are many other things on Netflix that I love but haven’t mentioned or this post would be very long! Let me know what you have been loving watching at the moment, in the comments! 

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can  find me at @bethxkate

Beth X

Pumpkin Inspired Makeup Look – Collab with TheDiaryofEllie

As Halloween is quickly approaching, me and Ellie from TheDiaryofEllie decided to collaborate on a post where we each do a Halloween inspired makeup look. For my look I went with a pumpkin theme as I own a lot of orange eye shadows but don’t use them as much as I would like to. Remember to check out Ellie’s version of this post also by clicking here, her blog is amazing and I can’t wait to see the look that she comes up with.

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Review: PIXI MatteLast Liquid Lip

If you follow me on any of my social medias then you may have seen that I am lucky enough to receive quite a few PR packages from PIXI and I recently got sent a gorgeous package full of their new MatteLast Liquid Lips and 4 colours in little pots for me to be able to mix my own shade!! In this post, I will be reviewing the new liquid lips as I was so excited to try them out and tell you guys what I think.

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Autumn Homeware Accessories

Autumn has got to be my favourite time of year… I’m obsessed with all of the colours, wrapping up and getting out all of my candles! When it gets to the middle/end of September, I get out my Autumnal room decorations and thought I would share a few of them in this post today.  Continue reading “Autumn Homeware Accessories”