I’m a nineteen year old girl from South Wales that loves everything to do with beauty, fashion, travel and photography. On my blog I review products, share things about my day-to-day life, share my photography and much more.

I am currently in my first year of University at the University of Gloucestershire studying Marketing, Advertising and Branding. University life is a whirlwind and has meant that I haven’t been posting as much on my blog but this is something that I am working on this new year.

At the beginning of January in 2015, I started to blog with one of my friends, after posting on our shared site for over a year, I had realised my love for blogging so decided to start up one of my own which is the one you are currently reading! I have been posting on this blog since August 2016 and am so proud of how far it has come, I hope to keep blogging for years to come and hope that you follow on this journey with me. I am currently at around 1,800 followers which I’m so grateful for, so thank you!

Some of the brands that I have worked with include: Anatomicals, BS MALL, Stiks Cosmetiks, Six Plus brushes, On Trendz, Arbonne UK, Friggin lip balm, AEOS skincare, MrBeanBody, Nu Skin, PIXI Skincare, PRINTIKI and Yucoco Handmade Chocolate. If you are interested in emailing/working with me than you can click on the ‘Contact’ page or message me through one of my social media pages.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope that you enjoy my blog content!

Beth ♡