PIXI Natural Beauty Eyeshadow Palette Review #gifted

I am lucky enough to regularly receive PR from PIXI by Petra which I am so grateful for. I recently got sent an amazing package with their new eye shadow palettes and some of their gorgeous brushes! I have been testing the Natural Beauty palette for a while and wanted to review it for today’s post.

Firstly, the packaging is stunning, I’m obsessed with PIXI’s classic mint green backing and the clear plastic cover. It displays the shadows really nicely! The palette is £24.00 on PIXI’s website and can be found here. I think that this is a very reasonable price for a high end product, especially for the quality that PIXI always provide.

The palette comes with 12 shadows and there is a range of neutral colours. It has got 4 fully matte shades, 6 shimmer shades and 2 shades which are mattes with added glitter specs. It is a very neutral palette which lives up to its name, these are the palettes that I generally go for as you can create so many looks and I’m not usually the type to wear bright colours on a day to day basis.

I have used this palette many times now and have gathered many opinions on it. Firstly, the shade Sheer Sand is perfect for setting your eyelids after priming them as it creates the perfect base, the shadow isn’t the most pigmented but it doesn’t need to be as it is just going to have other shadows layered on top. The 2 matte browns are stunning and work so well together, these are the shades Deep Taupe and Soft Brown. I tend to use the lighter brown all over my lid and then take the darker one throughout my crease to add depth. To further add to the crease, I also enjoy using Chocolate Brown which is the other brown matte shade but this one is quite a lot darker. They all blend really well together and give you a gorgeous smoky brown look.

Although the eye look already looks really nice, I do also love love love the shimmer shades within this palette. I have used them for numerous nights out where I’ve been getting home at 4 am and they still maintain the same pigmentation! I always take a dense packing brush, then spray it with a setting spray and pick up the shimmer. It barely needs any of the product to look amazing and it still blends out really well. My favourite 2 shimmers which I use the most are Foiled Bronze and Metallic Rose, they are both golden shades which really finish off your look every time (you can probably tell from the images that these are the 2 most used shades within the palette).

Overall, I am so impressed with this palette but am also not surprised as every PIXI eye shadow that I have tried has never dissapointed me. Its safe to say that they make some of the best shadows that I’ve tried so I couldn’t recommend them enough! PIXI are a cruelty free company with so many great products, including this palette which I can’t wait to experiment more with.

Thank you so much to the team at PIXI for sending me this to try out! Although this was #gifted to me, this post is not sponsored and I am reviewing the product based on my love for it !

Thank you so much for reading! I hope that you enjoyed this post. If you would like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate.

Beth X

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