Revolution Rose Gold Palette Review + Look

If you read a recent post of mine called my gift swapping with Ellie, then you will have seen that she kindly gifted my the Revolution mini eye shadow palette in Rose Gold. As soon as I opened this gift, I was so excited to try it. I have never experimented with using pink shadows on my eyes very much so this provided me with the perfect excuse too! 

The palette contains 6 matte shades and 2 shimmers, it is quite a small palette but you do get a good amount of each shadow (especially the shimmers), you also get a very good quality mirror which makes it so easy to travel with and it has a gorgeous shade range. 

The palette has a light toned brown shade in the top right corner which makes for a great base to layer the rest of the shadows on to. The light toned pink with purple undertones which is next to it works really well in the crease or over the lid. The dark, plum shade is amazing in the outer corner as it adds a lot of depth and smokes the look out. Below these, the wine / dark purple shade is also fab for the outer corner. The light pink is quite out there so it is something that I struggle more to incorporate more in to looks but as it is so bright, it really adds a pop of colour to any look. Finally, there is a warm toned pink with brown undertones which is also great for all over the lid or for the crease to blend the other shadows together. All of the matte shades are very build-able and each one has different variations of pigmentation, I found that the lighter ones needed more layering. 

As for the shimmers, there is a gorgeous light pink shadow in the top left hand corner which can also be used as a highlighter, when I have used this, I always apply it to my inner corner of on the inner proportion of my eyelid. The other shimmer is a darker toned pink which is also stunning. Both shimmers are very pigmented and surprisingly, have got little fallout. 

Within this post, I though it may also be interesting to show you one of the eye looks that I have created whilst using this palette. I started off with my usual base routine and applied an eye primer before the eye shadow. To start, I applied the shade 3rd from the left in the bottom row all over my lid, I used a few layers so that it stood out and was pigmented. I then used the purple toned shadow just above it and blended this through my crease. I then used the light toned brown and applied it on the inner proportion of my eye lid so that there was a variation of colour. Finally, I mixed the 2 darkest shades and applied them to my outer corner and finished it all off by putting the light pink shimmer in my inner corners! 

Thank you to Ellie for kindly gifting me this palette as you’ve pushed me to experiment more!! I wished that my phone quality could do the shadows as much justice as they looked so much more pigmented in person.

Thank you for reading, I hope that you enjoyed this post as I have loved testing out this eye shadow palette. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate

Beth X


Personalised Christmas Gift Guide 2018

At Christmas, I love giving gifts which are personal as I think it really shows a lot about your friendship or relationship to the person and is more meaningful. However, these types of gifts aren’t always cheap and can be hard to think of so I thought I’d share a few in this post. 

The first personal idea that I have, are prints which you can order online which display names, images or quotes about the person/people involved. There are some lovely family ones which display wellington boots or cartoon people which relate to the people involved. I also love the ones which display a family or friendship group made out of little pebbles as they are a lovely touch to a room and look very expensive. To pair with a print, you can buy a nice frame to display it in and then it is a perfect present which so many people would love to receive! 

My next personal gift idea is buying a small scrapbook and filling it with images, a lot of places (Amazon, Ebay, craft shops, local supermarkets) sell plain scrapbooks which allow you to write anything on the cover and fill it how you please. Photos can be very cheap and easy to print off by ordering them online or printing in places such as Asda or Boots. I think these are a great idea for family or friends and it is something that they can keep forever and if you don’t fill it completely, then this gives them room to be able to add in more memories and photos later on. 

Another personal gift idea is a photo book, this is very similar to the idea above but saves a lot of time as it can all be done through the internet and you do not need to stick all of the images in yourself or do the writing elements. Sometimes these can be quite expensive, depending on where you get them from. There is an amazing app called ‘Free Prints Photo Books’ where each month, you get a free photo book and all you have to do it pay the postage. i have used this app many times and have always been pleased with the results. 

Etsy is an amazing website if you are looking for personalised gifts, for my friends birthday, I was struggling on what to buy her so was always scrolling through Etsy looking for ideas, I know that she loves tea so managed to find a ‘tea box’ which you could personalise to say their name. It arrived and was really good quality and a fab gift, as a tea lover myself, I know that I would’ve loved to receive this. You can find this product here, however I think they have fully sold out now but know there are many similar ones on Etsy and you can also personalise them to not say ‘tea’ so could also be great for jewellery/coffee/makeup etc. 

Another amazing gift idea that I found on Etsy, was a personalised water bottle/flask. These come in so handy over the winter/colder months (or always in the UK) and they look so similar to the Chilly’s ones which are quite expensive, I know that I would love to receive this as I hate using water bottles all the time as they are bad for the environment. This would be perfect for both men and women and any age! 

Another gorgeous idea are these customised name bar bracelets on Etsy. These look so expensive for only being £8 and you can also find them many other places. You can’t really go wrong with jewellery at Christmas, especially something personalised like this! 

NotOnTheHighStreet also have some great personalised gifts, these are usually on the higher priced side which is why I tend to shop more on Etsy but whenever I have bought from them, the quality has been outstanding. This personalised wine/gin glass is a fab idea as who wouldn’t want their own wine/gin glass with their name on? They also do some gorgeous journals, diaries, Christmas decorations, prints, pens, pencils… the list is endless so definitely go and check out their site. 

I really hope that this post was useful! There will hopefully be more gift guides to come on my blog over the month of December so keep an eye out for them! 

Thank you so much for reading! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you can find me at @bethxkate

Beth X

Pumpkin Inspired Makeup Look – Collab with TheDiaryofEllie

As Halloween is quickly approaching, me and Ellie from TheDiaryofEllie decided to collaborate on a post where we each do a Halloween inspired makeup look. For my look I went with a pumpkin theme as I own a lot of orange eye shadows but don’t use them as much as I would like to. Remember to check out Ellie’s version of this post also by clicking here, her blog is amazing and I can’t wait to see the look that she comes up with.

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Mini Beauty Bay Haul + Review

I recently did an order from Beauty Bay as I wanted to try out a new foundation and thought I would treat myself! I love Beauty Bay so much as the delivery is always amazing and so fast, they also have sooo many choices to pick from and a lot of the times have really good sales.

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A Week In Outfits – Sixth Form

As it is now sadly back to school season, me and Amelia from It’s Mee thought it would be fun to collab on a post of a week in outfits that we would wear to our sixth forms. My sixth form does’t have very strict rules on what we can wear whereas Amelia’s has a smart dress code so we thought it would be interesting to do these posts as a comparison. Make sure to check out Amelia’s post by clicking here and give her blog a follow, her posts are amazing and she’s so lovely.

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Review: PIXI Eyeshadow + Glow

I was recently sent the biggest PR parcel that I have ever received in my 3 years of blogging which was from PIXI! They sent their collaborations with Weylie Hoang, Dulcee Candy and Chloe Morello which I am so grateful for and the PR team were so lovely so thank you so much to PIXI. Since receiving them, I have already gotten so much use out of the Let’s Talk Eyes and the Sweet Glow palettes so thought I’d share my opinions on them in this post.

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Travel: Las Vegas 2018

If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you will have seen that over the past 2 weeks (3rd to the 19th of August), I have been on holiday to Las Vegas. I have been twice before with my family and it’s one of my favourite places to visit. Many people were shocked when we told them we were visiting for 2 weeks as it is often seen as a ‘long weekend’ type holiday but we always find a lot to do and also appreciate the hot weather so have chilled days by the pool. This post will sum up the whole trip and include some of my favourite photos!

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The Best Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

As you may have seen a while ago, I did a post on my reasoning for going cruelty free which you can find here, ever since this post I have kept to my word and have discovered so many products that I love which don’t test on animals and decided to share with you a few brands that I have been loving!

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Review : Soph X Revolution Lipsticks

When I saw that Soph from SophDoesNails on YouTube was bringing out lipsticks with Revolution, I was so excited! You may have seen in my blogger box swap with Ellie that she kindly gifted me the eye shadow palette as I had wanted it for ages and use it almost every time I wear makeup and if you’ve read my previous posts you will know I’m obsessed with their lipstick in ‘Chauffeur’ so could’t wait to get my hands on these.

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Q&A : blogger drama, meeting bloggers and dream jobs

As I’ve never done one of these posts before I decided that now it was about time! I tweeted out on my Twitter asking for some questions so I have picked my favourites to answer in this post. Thank you to everyone that sent in a question!

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